Our Youth 

Youth Council

The Youth Council’s Mission statement, “All youth working together to make life better for ourselves” provides opportunities for all youth to work for and with their youth in any program and project. Their main role is to provide programs, projects and events that are geared to the youth of the community. The youth ages range from 13-35 years old.


Aaron Happyjack, Youth Chief

17, Birch Street
Waswanipi, Québec, J0Y 3C0

Tel. (819) 753-2810
Fax (819) 753-2727
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Description of the Team

Since its’ start in 1984, the Youth Council of Waswanipi, now over 20 years of age, continues to be a learning zone for young leadership and for youth to gain positive experiences in all aspect of their lives. Every four years the youth council is mandated by election of youth that range from 13-35 years old. They seat nine members six of them are youth council members, a youth chief and a deputy youth chief.  

Aaron Happyjack
Owen Gull-Cooper
Juanita Gull
Amy Happyjack
Valentina Brien
Sandy Neeposh
Robin Gull-Saganash
Austin Cheezo
 Malachi Neeposh
Jimianne Gunner

Dallas Blacksmith
Rosie Jolly
Daisy Ottereyes

Dandy Moar
Kevin Martin
Naveron Cooper
Joshua Shecapio
Matthew Happyjack Jr.

Youth Chief 
Deputy Youth Chief
Youth Councillor (30-35)
Youth Councillor (30-35)
Youth Councillor (24-29)
Youth Councillor (24-29)
Youth Councillor (18-23)
Youth Councillor (18-23)
Youth Councillor (13-17)
Youth Councillor (13-17)

Youth Development Coordinator
Activities Programmer
Administrative Assistant

Youth Center Manager
Evening Attendant
Evening Attendant
Night Guard

Youth Special Projects Coordinator
Activities Monitor