Our Youth 

Our Youth

Waswanipi Youth Council

The Youth Council’s Mission statement, “All youth working together to make life better for ourselves” provides opportunities for all youth to work for and with their youth in any program and project. Their main role is to provide programs, projects and events that are geared to the youth of the community. The youth ages range from 13-35 years old.

Description of the Team

Since its’ start in 1984, the Youth Council of Waswanipi, now over 20 years of age, continues to be a learning zone for young leadership and for youth to gain positive experiences in all aspect of their lives. Every four years the youth council is mandated by election of youth that range from 13-35 years old. They seat nine members six of them are youth council members, a youth chief and a deputy youth chief.  

The projects and programs include various aspects in the development of the youth such as; cultural-oriented projects, employment programs, youth sports and community events.Toronto Trip August 2016

The youth center manages and supervises employees within the department on daily basis. Recently, the youth center has undergone some renovations. The Youth Council is very well structured as an organization, however, they are working on improvements within their department.