Staff Supper

Our annual staff/employees supper are usually held in November or December.  All Staff/Employees are Welcome.  For more information please contact Marlene Sam at 819-753-2587 or David Happyjack at 819 753-2600.

General Assembly

The General Assembly are held in April, July, September and January of each fiscal year.  Also, the Capital Works, Housing, Natural Resources and others participate at these general assemblies.  For more information please contact the Director General and/or the Corporate Secretary of the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi.

Staff Meeting

The CFNW Staff meetings occur at least every 2-3 months and they are conducted and led by the Management Committee.  For more information please contact the Director General.

Staff Activities

The Social Committee consist of employees that plan and organize staff outings as a get-to-together activities and events through out the year.  During the summer, the staff get the chance to either play golf or show some bowling skills.  At times, the staff will participate at our annual traditional and cultures practices during the winter months.  These outings include a Bar-B-Q and traditional meals.