Please note that all community events are postponed until further notice.


Events are planned, delivered and organized under the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi administration from various departments related for our community members to attend and participate.  Also, staff related activities/events are conducted as well through out the year.

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The Leisure and Sports department along with the Minor Sports Association (MSA) are key players when it comes to recreational activities/events for our community.  Both emphasis on adult, youth and children programming when organizing such activities/events.  Some of the activities/events are related as Community (local) or Regional (Invites), such as tournaments.

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As part of our rich heritage in Cree culture and traditional practices, the cultural department organizes many cultural and traditional activities and events to keep our culture and language strong by promoting cultural and traditional activities and practices. Events occur all year round.

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For more information contact the Culture department.