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Corporate Secretary

Office of the Corporate Secretary

The Office of the Corporate Secretary serves as an important function within the administration of Cree First Nation of Waswanipi as it works directly with the Chief and Council members.  This officer holds this position in application of the Cree Naskapi Act and is one of the few named positions found in the law, alongside that of Chief, Deputy Chief, Councillor and Treasurer.

Under the direction of the Council of the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi, the Corporate Secretary is responsible for the safekeeping of all books, records and documents of the Band, and the preparation of the minutes of all Council, Management Committee and General Assembly meetings.  The Corporate Secretary has the custody of the corporate seal and books of the band and certifies any by-law or resolution issued by the Band, keeps all documents/cds provided from meetings, sees that all books, reports, certificates and other documents and records required by-law are properly kept and filed.

The Corporate Secretary from time to time advises Council on technical matters under its control or direction by providing it with background material and information enabling it to make sound decisions and by submitting recommendations for the efficient operation of programs, projects and Band activities.

The Corporate Secretary also provides technical assistance to the Office of the Chief, Councillors, members of Management Committee and to the Deputy Chief.

The Corporate Secretary’s office is a non-political function in which the holder of the position is considered as the keeper of Council’s governmental records and makes sure that the integrity of the official archives, composed mainly of resolutions, minutes and by-laws is maintained at all times.

Jackie Barney

Corporate Secretary
The Cree First Nation of Waswanipi

1 Chief Louis Gull, Street
Waswanipi, Quebec
J0Y 3C0

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Tel: (819) 753-2587