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Newly elected C.T.A. committee members:

Allan Happyjack Sr. - INterim President

Paul Dixon

Sydney Ottereyes

Frank Blacksmith

Johnny A, Grant


We regret to inform you, but Mr. Jack Gull left us approximately a year ago.

Elected by acclamation Elder's Committee:

Maggie Blacksmith

Johnny A. Grant

Irene Otter

Mary Cooper

Ronnie Otter

Elected by acclamation for the Health Committe:

Michel Awashish

Clara Cooper

Abel W. Kitchen

Irene Otter

Harriet Charles

Gloria Jolly

Flora Otter

For your information:

The moose break period begins from September 20, 2011 until October 7, 2011 for many of C.F.N.W. EMPLOYEES.

Office will be open as employees take the break on a rotating basis.

Please contact the office for more inquiry.