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The Cree First Nation of Waswanipi General Asembly will be held in January 2020. Dates to be confirmed in the New Year.

The Cree First Nation of Waswanipi administration will have their Christmas Holidays starting December 20, 2019 until January 3, 2020.  The CFNW would like to wish everyone "Merry Christmas and Safe Holidays"!

Waswanipi Business Conference 2019 LogoWaswanipi Business Development Conference 2019 
November 12 and 13, 2019 – Waswanipi, Quebec, 
Community Health and Fitness Center

The upcoming Business Development Conference is a 2 Day event. The primary goal of the business conference is to encourage new business development. Our target market would be those who want to start a business and encourage and assist those who are business owners to expand in the business development of their company.

For details about the conference please visit the page Waswanipi Business Development Conference.

Our annual traditional Moose break will start on September 30, 2019 until October 4, 2019.  Our administration office will be closed during this period.  However, our essential services will remain open.  For more information, please contact the band office at 819.753.2587.

The regisgrations for Community Health & Fitness Centre (CHFC) programs 2019-20 are now open.  To find out the programs listings please contact the Leisure and Sports dept at 819.753.2450 or check the schedule on FB or on the website.  To view the schedule go to the Events page.

The Youth department will host the community Youth week starting August 12 to 17, 2019.  This event is organized by the Youth Council and department.  For more information on the event and schedule please contact the Youth Center at 819-753-2810.

The community will host a Basketball Camp for all ages starting August 12, 2019 until August 17, 2019.  The Camp will be held at the Community Centre Gym and at the YC Gymnasium.  For more information please contact Joy Kitchen at 819-753-2450.