Blueberries - Allan L. Cooper 2009Irene Otter (Interim)
Tourism Coordinator

Cree First Nation of Waswanipi
1, Chief Louis R. Gull Street.
Waswanipi, QC J0Y 3C0

Tel: (819) 753-2587 or (819) 753-2550
Fax:(819) 753-2555 or (819) 753-2551
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also check out the Waswanipi Tourism page.

Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

young_fisherrman - Allan L. Cooper 2009To increase Waswanipi Tourism opportunities by providing support services for local members tourism businesses. To provide information services to tourists, by sharing and working in harmony with the Cree traditional way of life, we attract and promote Waswanipi tourism as unique cultural experience.”


“Working toward self-sufficiency by building Waswanipi Tourism industry for today and tomorrow”


"To build a sustainable tourism industry in the community of Waswanipi that is coherent with the traditional values of the Cree way of life."


  • Market to the community of Waswanipi and the local tourism businesses.
  • Cooperative marketing by establishing partnerships with associations local, regional, national, international.

Provide Information Services

  • For tourists such as brochures, maps of Waswanipi, calendar of events, display centre
  • Support local members’ tourism businesses
  • On-line web based support (future project)
  • Resource Centre (future project)
  • Free Business Analysis and free initial consultation (in collaboration with Economic Development)
  • Business information, links i.e. Funding, business contacts, partnerships etc)