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Diane M Cooper

Diane M. Cooper 
Welfare Administrator

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Staff and Programs


Melinda Gull Administrative Assistant 
Vacant Office Clerk


We have several programs under Social Assistance. We are required to do our statistical reports and the deadlines are on the 15th of every month to report to the A. A. N .D.C and books are closed on the 20th of the month. As for the other programs that I am responsible / supervise for such as Social Assistance Transfer (SAT), Family Violence, Adult Care, National Child Benefit and the new approved proposals on Community Initiatives Projects for Waswanipi.

Social Assistance Transfer

The objectives of the social assistance transfer (SAT) is to increase individuals and community's well-being through the rational use of S/A funds, in conjunction with funds from other sources, to provide employment, on the job training and institutional training opportunities. In activities that are recognized as being useful to individuals and communities.

The primary aim of the social assistance transfer (SAT) is to provide individuals who are receiving S/A with employment opportunities and to enhance skills that will enable them to compete on the labour market. The list of the S/A recipients are who have been transferred to the working field with an entities and will be reporting to the S/A. The duration of this program is three (3) month and the maximum is three (3) years which requires a 130 hours per month.

Family Violence

Since the first Family Violence Initiative in 1988, DIAND has funded the operation of various types of emergency and transitional shelters for victims of family and domestic violence of First Nations reserves. First nation councils that receive funding under the Family Violence Initiative and related programs are required to submit yearly reports that are due in May of the year said. We have already contributed to eleven (11) proposals from various entities and we still have future endeavours such as bringing in facilitators to conduct workshops for the wellness of our people.

Adult Care

This is the same as above but the proposals are geared to the disabled and the handicapped.

Community Initiative Contribution Program

Proposal Title: Families Moving Towards Healthy Living. Our goals and objectives are to have healing opportunities for community members struggling with various issues, including family violence, sexual assaults. Trauma management, healthy sexuality, healthy family dynamics, conflict resolution/anger management, parenting (younger/singles/all genders) healthy arguments, survivor's guilt, anxiety, and how to better care of yourself.