Public Health

The Public Health is involved with the Elders Residence file along with the Elders Home Committee which consists of one member from the Culture Department, C.F.N.W. Corporate Secretary, a member to act as the Treasurer, and the political attaché will be new addition to the present committee.


Flora Mark
Public Health Officer

Tel. (819) 753-2587
Fax (819) 753-2555
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Functional Plan

A service contractor from Waswanipi was hired was contracted to assist with the Functional Plan for the elders’ home. Special thanks to the Cree Health Board employee who provided expertise that was needed with the pft, the technical functional plan. A former engineer who worked with the Band and his company worked on the layout and physical realization of the elders’ home. A councillor from the C.F.N.W. was the chairman of the committee at the beginning of sessions.

We applied to the CIP Community Initiatives Program with Cree Health Board program to continue programs on residential school healing activities.

Public Health keeps contact with Assistant to Environment on water sampling and CHR at the clinic for matters related to medical cards. I wish to inform all community members to keep their medical cards updated and if your card has expired, please call 1-800-561-9749 and you will receive the form by mail. This is for the benefit of the patient should he find him/herself in an emergency situation.