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Henry G. Gull

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Forest Authority StaffWaswanipi Forest, photo Julie Fortuné 2010

Allan Saganash
Forestry Consultant

Georgette Blacksmith
Administrative Assistant

Dennis Gull
Field Monitor

GIS Operator

Liaison Forestry Coordinator

Waswanipi Cree Joint Working Group (W.C.J.W.G.)

Director General: Allan Saganash Jr. is, also, a member on the W.C.J.W.G.

Allan Saganash Jr. is the person responsible for the Access file and the Forestry file for Waswanipi. This position is under the Waswanipi Cree First Nation organization.

The Waswanipi Joint Working Group (JWG) works on the forestry file.

Responsible for the Cree JWG:
Allan Saganash Jr.
Works with M.N.R J.W.G Mr. Francis Chabot and Ms. Jacynthe Barrette in the Quevillon sector.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the administration of 62 trap lines. Waswanipi (52), Senneterre Cree trap lines (Eight) and in Waashaw Sibi (two). There is an average of 55 trap lines that are affected annually.

  • The JWG holds forestry consultation meetings tabling to the tallymen annual cutting plans(AFMP), 5 year cutting plans (FYMP) and modifications thereof to the AFMP’s and FYPM’s during the year. These modifications include the harvesting of timber, road constructions, sylviculture activities and other forestry projects.

  • Regular Joint Working Group meetings on forestry are held four times a year with the Ministry of Natural Resources. (MNR)

  • Integration meetings are held with C.R.A. and M.N.R. when deemed necessary to settle land use conflicts.

  • Preparing, writing and documenting minutes of all forestry meetings with joint working group (JWG) on forestry.

  • Hold Waswanipi Forestry Staff meetings for update and organizational behaviour at least once a year.

  • Filing of forestry consultation maps and other important documents such as correspondence, reports and agreements.

  • Follow-up on decisions taken at consultation meetings on the field or at the office.

  • Individual meetings with tallymen if necessary regarding forestry file and the access file.

  • Annual budget preparation in February or March each year.

  • Contracts for professional services such GIS Technician forestry engineer etc…

  • Preparation on list of trap lines affected by forestry each year for forestry program eligibility.

  • Data base organizing for each trap line.(AFMP,FYMP, non-native camps, and illegal structures)

  • Training for the Cree JWG and Forest Authority staff by the C.R.A..

  • Submitting a list of the trap lines each year affected by forestry activities.

Work load carries over in the management and supervision of the office and staff as follows:

The Forest Authority (F.A.) Department works on the Access Files.

Allan Saganash
Supervisor and works with the MRNFP-T – Isabelle Plamondon – Chibougamau Sector, Laval Gaudreault – Quevillon Sector and CRA Environmental Advisor,Geoff Quaile

Georgette Blacksmith
Administrative Assistant and member of the Cree JWG

Dennis Gull
Field Monitor

Vacant positions
GIS Operator, Liaison Forestry Coordinator

Other Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Applying the transitional measures for Vacation lease development in Northern Quebec since 2005.
  • Dealing with existing non-Native camps and/or structures in Waswanipi territory.
  • Tabling vacation lease applications to the tallyman (non-native camp applications)
  • Dealing with illegal structures in Waswanipi territory via field monitoring and reporting to MNRFP â€“ T.
  • Burning operations by MNR of illegal structures follow-up with MRNFP – T for verifications of illegal structures.
  • MBJ development at Waswanipi Lake ( development on a cultural heritage site)
  • Cree protected areas projects.( submission of protected areas to Quebec and follow-up)
  • Recategorization of Category II lands of Waswanipi project (exchange of land for water).
  • Ecolodge project – Matagami Lake (MBJ development on a 1% area.)
  • Lac Renault development by ASL Senneterre. (illegal trailer park for forestry workers on sylviculture)
  • Billy Cooper case file. (Illegal blocking of public roads review with the MRNFP-T.).
  • Red Chute Hydroelectric Project – Waswanipi River.(development of mini dam by MBJ on Olga Lake)