Johnny Cooper Jr.
Local Environmental Administrator (L.E.A.)

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Cultural-Village-in-the-sun - Allan L. Cooper 2009

Staff, Mission, Goals and Objectives

George (JP) Ottereyes, Assistant L.E.A.


To ensure the Environmental and Social Protection for the people and/or community of Waswanipi.

Goals and Objectives

To have protected area for our community, Bio-diversity Park

To amend and enforce our Environmental By-laws within the community.

Keep monitoring the safety of our drinking water. (Asst. LEA)


Environmental Monitoring- Drinking Water, Management of Waste disposal sites, Ground water monitoring& Environmental Status reporting.

Environmental Assessment and Approval of Projects-Review of Major Projects subjects to an Environmental and Social impact Assessment, Approvals and Permits Under the By-Law Concerning the Protection of the Environment & Environmental Site Assessments.

Environmental Compliance-Routine Inspections and Enforcement.

Environmental Emergency Response