Cree Trappers Association - Local Fur Office

Tracks, photo Allan Cooper 2008Paul Dixon - Coordinator
Serena Snowboy - Secretary/Receptionist

Cree First Nation of Waswanipi
18 Poplar Street
Waswanipi, Québec, J0Y 3C0

Tel. (819) 753-2322
Fax (819) 753-2082
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The local CTA's new administration office:


Cree Trappers Committee (C.T.A.)

Paul Dixon Member
Johnny A. Grant Member
Allan Happyjack, P.Eng. Member
Jack Otter Member
Don Saganash, Sr. Member
Johnny Ottereyes, Sr. Member
Sydney Ottereyes Member & Regional C.T.A. Representative
Stanley Saganash C.T.A. Coordinator
John Jolly Income Security Program