Director General


Jonathan Sutherland
CFNW Hwy Sign 2

Cree First Nation of Waswanipi
1 Chief Louis R. Gull Street.
Waswanipi, Quebec J0Y 3C0

Tel: (819) 753-2587
Fax:(819) 753-2555


Mission Statement

Provide an adequate level on the performance of duties to ensure that the residents of the community acquire the maximum benefit on the administration of programs and on the delivery of services.

The Director-General works in collaboration with the leadership and other Directors who have the responsibility and role to supervise work that is carried out within the administrative context of the general operations and to oversee the performance of duties towards the maintenance with respect to the physical state and appearance of the community.

 The Director-General is responsible for the supervision of the following Directors.

  • Director of Community Services
  • Director of Capital Projects
  • Director of Social Development
  • Director of Natural Resources
  • Director of Human Resources

 Ultimately the role of the Director-General, working conjunctively with the Office of Treasurer, is to ensure the flow of funds from the various Government sources and other Cree entities are properly channelled into the community. Notably by means of Contribution Agreements, Operation and Maintenance Funds, Government Programs and other sources of revenue that derive from Agreements that have been concluded with the Cree Nation Government.

Meetings are held regularly with the Directors to ensure a proper follow-up in regards to on-going files and to monitor the progress on work that is being completed, but most importantly to act on decisions that need to be made.

Each year under the Administration there are a wide range of government programs that are in place as well as other projects that are initiated. Within the framework of the implementation process, managerial decision making is an important component, each Director has the responsibility to manage the financial resources that are available.

At the end of the fiscal year and upon successful completion of projects and programs that are renewable on an annual basis, there is the need to produce activity reports, details that would justify the use of funds.

The Director-General is responsible for the overall direction, coordination of other departments, the following report directly to the office of the Director-General.

  • The Treasurer
  • The Corporate Secretary
  • The Senior Secretary
  • The General Secretary
  • The Electoral Officer