Public Safety

Public Safety Officer (PSO) is responsible for the safety of the community at all times. It is to provide a level of adequate operational preparedness to deal with any kind of disaster or emergency such as fire. It is responsible for community evacuation, in case of forest fire, search and rescue operations, clearing of natural hazards that could affect the community. It utilizes the local police department or the emergency services of the province depending on the gravity of any situation it faces.


Bobby Blacksmith
Public Safety Officer
Cree First Nation of Waswanipi
1 Chief Louis R. Gull Street.
Tel. (819) 753-2587
Fax (819) 753-2555
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Safety Measures

The P.S.O oversees the administration and technical work associated in planning, organizing and directing the activities and the constant training of the firefighters. It, also, works in collaboration with the local police force.

The P.S.O. wishes to take the opportunity to remind the people to check, at least two times a year, or when you change your clocks in spring and fall, your house fire alarm systems. Your safety and the safety of your children depend on your own involvement in ensuring the safety of your household, your bush camps and your boats. Please be careful with fire, with motor engines, with the operations of a four-wheeler and boat. Make sure that you and your children always have their approved floating vests while on the water.

Also, please make sure that your rifles and shotguns are stowed away properly when not in use, and that you should not be under the influence while handling a weapon.

Let’s keep tragedies to a minimum.