Community Facilities

All Chiefs Memorial Arena

The arena operates daily through activities developed and administered by the recreation department. What keeps the arena rolling is the participation of our local athletes, young and old.  The arena is open all year around for community use.

The arena was constructed in 1987 and is considered an important communal asset that meets the recreation needs of the community.  The staff is responsible for the daily maintenance and operation of the arena facility. This includes the following tasks: ice maintenance, the operation and caring of equipment while providing safe physical settings and maintenance of a high level of cleanliness of the facility for the enjoyment of our users.

All Chiefs Memorial Arena

All Chiefs Memorial Arena Closure Event

After 28 years of operations, the All Chiefs Memorial arena said its Goodbyes to the building on April 19, 2015 with the Senior Hockey and Broomball Tournament as its final event. According to many, it was a closure to remember for a long long time. It was a sad time for some (especially staff) and a good time for many (fans) because our very own "Waswanipi Chiefs" hockey team won the Class "A" Hockey Championship and it was last game that will ever be played in this building.

ACMA had its Champions and Finalists year after year no matter which event, and teams kept on coming to conquer a Championship on this building that gave us good memories. It also had its "ups" and "downs" throughout the years but it survived very well.

We are very thankful after all these years that our community was able to accommodate many events for the past 28 years at the ACMA.

On behalf of the staff (past and present) thank you to everyone that supported us and the building throughout the years! Without your involvement and support we would not be where we are now...going into a new sports facility with new beginning, new challenges and most importantly a fresh start for all the staff involved.

Final Event at the All Chiefs Memorial Arena-April 17-19, 2015.

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