The Waswanipi Communication Department is Cree communications entity in which it is to interact to the Cree and Non-Cree world without boundaries. In this information loaded and technologically based globe, the ability to communicate effectively is essential to our survival.

Communications-Crew---Stanley Saganash 2010


Nelson Martin
Community Radio Office Agent
Tel: (819) 753-2557
Fax: (819) 753-2755
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Charlie FM

Charlie W. Ottereyes
Tel: (819) 753-2557
Fax: (819) 753-2755

Communication Programs

  • Cree Language Radio Programming on 93.9 FM or 106.5 FM (check the schedule here)radio_schedule_thumbnail

  • Cree Interpretation as need arises

  • Speech in English, Cree, and French Language

  • Media Writing

  • News and Media Communications via paper, internet and broadcast network.

Because we believe in the value of ourselves and our community members, we:

  • Encourage active participation in communicating with one another.

  • Possess self-knowledge, personal growth and the ability to adapt to challenges of the present age.

  • Value thoughtfulness and consideration of ideas from all participants.

  • Promote and commend individual and cultural diversity.

  • Work in ethical and effective communication manners.

We envision a department which serves:

  • through interactive culture

  • a process which leads to independent and life-long learning experience

  • for critical thinking, problem solving and disciplined efforts

  • a tolerant and supportive interaction for its volunteers and interest groups.

  • in efficient, influential, and audience-centered communication in the Cree and Foreign Languages, as well as in Speech and

  • Writing techniques