Land Registrar

This Department was made fully operational in February of 2008 to meet the need for a Land Registrar to help the community members in their request for Lots (Piece of land) for private housing, commercial, and industrial buildings. This became a necessity as the demand for Lots became more frequent than previous years.


Land Registrar

Cree First Nation of Waswanipi
1 Chief Louis R. Gull Street

Tel. (819) 753-2587, ext. 331
Fax (819) 753-2424

Roles,  Functions and Committee

The role of the Land Registrar is to assist the community member/local entrepreneurs/Cree Entities in helping with the application processes, ideal locations for the requested usage of Lot, and making sure Zoning and By-Laws are respected. The L.R also assists for applications to be properly filled out for different usage of Lots.

This department in junction with the Capital Projects department and other various departments, also, helps in the development of the community with different projects that departments have related to land management.

The Department delegated members from various Departments to create a new committee called Land Management Committee. They oversee that the policies from this project are followed and are respected. These members work in different departments and play a role in the development of our community.

Land Management Committee

Rhonda Oblin Cooper
Jarris Gull
Johnny Cooper Jr
Marlene Sam
Jonathan Sutherland
Matthew Blacksmith
Flora Gull
Marcel Quessy
Director of Capital Projects
Manager of Capital Projects
Local Environment Administrator
Economic Development Officer
Council Member
Director General
Director Community Services
Housing Administrator
Project Manager