About Waswanipi 

Waswanipi Today

tipi by the river - Julie Fortune 2010Waswanipi being the most southern Cree community is situated in a location that is within reasonably easy access to neighbouring municipalities. Part of a provincial road network – highway Route 113 links the Abitibi-region to the area around Chibougamau and the Lac St-Jean region which are all considered important liaison centers to the rest of the province.

new_housing - Stanley 2009The community is not entirely isolated given the geographical location and relatively has an advantage within the perspective of several dimensions. Transportation costs and the cost of living are generally much lower in Waswanipi in comparison to most other Cree communities. For air transportation the closest airport is in Chibougamau which is within a distance of 90km northeast along highway Route 113.

Waswanipi enjoys most technological services that are found in urban areas, cell phones are generally functional in the community and high-speed internet service is available.

The residents of the community generally benefit from being not too far away from main cities and towns which offer numerous possibilities to purchase readily available goods and services.