About Waswanipi 

Cree Culture, Values and Practices

There are other cultural events that we coordinate that fall into diverse dates and seasons, like wood carving, sewing workshops, gatherings, teachings, and traditional food harvesting, to name a few projects. We cannot predict the seasons nor mother-nature’s change, we plan according to season, nature and its compassion on us.

open-cook-out -Stanley Sagansh 2010Culture department, also, assists the school and teachings programs, as well as, other departments that work with a variety of ages. 

We are open to do more.

We work with our elders on daily bases and they assist culture department in the production of programs throughout the year. Our elders are valuable, skillful, talented, and willing to pass down Cree knowledge.

The culture department, also, runs a “lunch program” on a daily bases, as we get to see our elders every day. Our kitchen is a non profit organization and runs solely on donations from the public. I hope you’ll join us at our elders gathering place, and cozy up to tea and bannock, and a good laugh with good company.