About Waswanipi 

About Waswanipi

On behalf of the people of Waswanipi, Kwey !

Waswanipi tipiThe modern community of Waswanipi is located on Highway 113 along Waswanipi River and is accessible by road. Waswanipi means "Light on the Water", it describes our past when we used the torch light fuelled by pine tar, to spear and catch sturgeon that had gathered to spawn at the mouth of Waswanipi River.

While the development of the region has had an impact on our lands and community, we are committed to the sustainable management of our resources. Our hard work and dedication with the model forest networks is an example to what can be achieved through proper consultation and research on development with our respective traditional territory. We have locally owned businesses to provide you with meals, groceries, supplies and equipment. We have hiking and cross-country ski trails, rustic camping spots, and a number of beautiful lakes and several challenging rivers for canoeing and kayaking.

As the southernmost Cree community, we are the gateway to Northern Quebec. Come and visit our community along with our cultural village which is a hospitable experience upon arrival. We offer a variety of summer festivals and cultural events throughout the year, starting with Waswanipi Day which commemorates our establishment of our community. Come and experience an annual gathering at the Old Waswanipi Post and followed by our famous Fishing Derby. All information can be attained through our tourism office and our website.

We welcome visitors and guests with open arms ready to explore new cultures and to experience a unique and distinct way of life.

Come to a place of new discoveries & experience.

Chief Marcel Happyjack